15 December 2010

[in context]

“We’re not called to be colorblind at all... At the end of history, we’ll keep our ethnicity and culture. We won’t lose it; it will be redeemed. We’ll no longer fight each other but be reconciled. We’ll speak different languages but understand each other perfectly. We’re not to be colorblind but color-embracing. If it’s in God’s kingdom at the end, can ethnicity and culture be a curse? It can’t be. It must be good and intended.”
~james Choung [True Story]


26 February 2010

over the sea & far away

Over the sea and far away
She's waiting like an Iceberg
Waiting to change,
But she's cold inside
She wants to be like
the water,

Then the fire fades away
But most of everyday
Is full of tired excuses
But it's too hard to say
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily
You're close enough to see that
You're the other side of the world
to me

On comes the panic light
Holding on with fingers
and feelings alike
But the time has come
To move along

Can you help me?
Can you let me go
And can you still love me
When you can't see me anymore
~KT tunstall

02 February 2010

quiet nights

Quiet nights of quiet stars
Quiet cords from my guitar
Floating on the silence that surrounds us

Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams
Quiet walks by quiet streams
And the window looking on the mountains and the sea how lovely
This is where i want to be
Here with you so close to me
Until the final flicker of life's ember
~diana krall